Grateful Iraqis

Grateful Iraqis

What do you know? Iraqis are grateful to the US for liberating them from tyranny. You wouldn’t know it if you just read the mainstream press and watch the network news.

First in Arabic and then in English, Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said in his inaugural address to the Iraqi people last Tuesday that “I would like to record our profound gratitude and appreciation to the U.S.-led international coalition, which has made great sacrifices for the liberation of Iraq.”

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  • Dom, you wouldn’t learn very much about anything if all you read was the mainstream press and/or watched network news.  Pravda, at least, had the excuse of being government controlled and censored.  Our major news outlets here practice censorship by omission and distortion.  I read the “Chicago Tribune” for local stories and an excellent weather page.  As for its broader reporting and commentaries, they are hard to tell apart, and are so biased in favor of a Left viewpoint as to be almost worthless.

    To the degree that it acts to open up information and allows for an interchange of ideas, the Internet is a blessing.  It also familiarizes people with the wealth of smaller publications and those with a viewpoint decidedly different than the mainstream press.

    These blogs also are a great blessing.  There is a positive exchange of ideas with people’s passions coming out in ways that would not happen so thoroughly in organized meetings.  The fact that we can and do argue on your blog can be wonderfully frustrating but an invaluable tool in learning.

    May you be blessed for using and sharing your talents with us.

    I pray that our efforts in Iraq bear the fruit of peace for that tortured country and region.  As with all dangerous human endeavors there is a great risk.  But your post shows us that our sacrifices willultimately spare the lives of thousands of innocents otherwise trapped in Hussein’s mad tyrannical regime.

    God, as always, works in His own mysterious ways.