Good cop, bad cop

Good cop, bad cop

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has rightly said he will refuse Communion to homosexual activists who protest during Pentecost Mass on Sunday, referring to members of the Rainbow Sash movement, who attend Mass wearing the sash as a sign of protest against the Church’s teachings.

Meanwhile, guess which cardinal gets the seal of approval from the pro-sodomy crowd. Cardinal Roger Mahony has evidently informed Rainbow Sash that its members will be welcome in his cathedral. Of course they will. After all, why should they feel welcome in the Taj Mahony where doctrine is malleable and the rules are what the cardinal decides they are at the moment?

Mass is not the place for protests, especially protests against the Truth and the Will of God as expressed by the Church’s magisterium.

  • Actually, the good cop/bad cop analogy doesn’t work here.  When that famous technique is used, both cops have the same goal in mind.

    Doesn’t seem to be the case here.

  • Well – isn’t the operative question whether the Rainbow Sash movement supports Church teaching on chastity?  If it does, then these sashists would merit taking Communion.  If this organization condones or promotes the act of sodomy (or of other sins), then they would not.  Yes? 

  • From the press release:

    “To instruct his parish pastors to judge people at the alter rail, and deny them Communion lacks pastoral awareness…”

    Not only is “altar” spelled wrong, but the two mentions of the “altar rail” tells me that it’s been a while since the penner of this piece has actually been to Mass.

  • Dale, you’re right. More like “good bishop/bad bishop”.

    Sinner, that may be a rhetorical question, but in any case, Rainbow Sash is definitely not one that supports chastity.

  • If that’s the case, Dom, then he should denounce in all uncertain terms that organization.  It is a strange thing that a Church which has been infiltrated by active sodomites and has suffered the loss of prestige, integrity, honor, respect, support, moral clarity, and millions of souls to Christ as a result and which has also suffered incredible harm to thousands of children as a result, should continue to overlook the sin of sodomy.  Mahony’s actions will of course continue to harm the children at that Mass.  The Pope would do so, so, so much for the Church (and Christ) by retiring this pathetic and harmful cardinal.  I pray that he do so.

  • Greetings,

    I must answer Sinner’s question.  A quick perusal of the RSM website shows they do not respect Church teaching and flaunt that its members may commit grave sin. (Some just support while others actively practice homosexuality.)  Cardinal Pell has banned the movemnet for years, and yet they come.  Praise and prayers to Cardinal George; prayers to Cardinal Mahony.

    Another things that gets my goat about the RSM is its blatant theft of the Vatican website design for its website, potentially giving the false impression that they are condoned by Rome.

  • What you say is very sad, Andy K.  Shame on Mahony for supporting such…  Sadly, again, it is what one would expect from him…  We should pray for him, as you say.  But he should not be a cardinal.