Gonzaga prez defends school

Gonzaga prez defends school

The president of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, Fr. Robert Spitzer has offered a defense against accusations of discrimination against pro-life students. A few weeks ago, syndicated columnist Mike Adams reported that Gonzaga’s law school Student Bar Association refused to grant recognition to a student-run pro-life club because the club’s by-laws mandate that offers should be practicing Christians and pro-life. Radical, huh? Fr. Spitzer’s defense?

“The Law Student Handbook clearly states: ‘the SBA sponsors a variety of activities in which all law students are entitled and encouraged to participate. there’s nothing wrong here: “I have long been an international proponent of the pro-life movement.” What exactly does it mean to be a “proponent” of the pro-life movement. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are pro-life yourself. Neither does it necessarily mean that you support the goals of the pro-life movement. Strictly speaking, it only means that you are a proponent of its existence. Strange language.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli