Have you heard of “podcasting”? If you own an iPod or other portable MP3 player and read blogs (you’re here aren’t you?), then you do or will soon. Podcasting is a way of taking an audio file and putting it online using RSS (Real Simple Syndication) so that it is automatically downloaded toyour computer and/or your iPod whenever a new version appears. The implication for blogging is that a blogger can record an audio-blog, post it, and have it automatically “pushed” to subscribers.

Okay, so what’s Godcasting? It’s simply podcasts that focus on religious content: “Godcasting is the latest advancement in online religion, in which preachers convert their sermons to audio to be heard on portable digital audio devices.” In fact, it’s not just preachers and sermons. The article says that “Catholic Answers Live” offers a podcast (although I couldn’t find a link on their site.)

I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of podcast, although I’m not whether it would be worth it. I used to upload my weekly Bible studies, but got out of the habit. I could do daily news roundup from Catholic World News. Of course, like the old saying says, “You have a face for radio,” perhaps I have a voice for magazines. In any case, it might be fun.

As always, you’ll be the first to know if I do it.

  • I read about podcasting a couple of week ago and thought it sounded really cool. In fact I don’t have an mp3 player now, but I may buy one. I am thinking of getting and iPod Shuffle(my first Apple product smile ). I am often bored with what is on the radio, I can only take so much WEEI. I would love to get podcasts from Catholic Answers, EWTN, Bettnet, etc. That would be good listening.