Glimmer of hope for Terri?

Glimmer of hope for Terri?

The federal appeals court has agreed to consider whether to grant a new hearing on whether to reinsert Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube. If that seems very iffy, it is. They didn’t even say when they might decide to grant this hearing. The key thing at this point is whether they’ll grant a stay of Greer’s order and allow the tube to be reinserted. Twelve days without food; I can’t imagine how that feels.

Victor worries that this last-minute action is being deliberately taken at the last minute by the court with the expectation that it’s already too late so they can say that they tried to help her.

Meanwhile, in a bit of irony, we have learned that the Pope has been put on a feeding tube. Maybe John Paul can lead the way in showing by example just because you’re on a feeding tube you’re not dead. Maybe his witness will soften the hearts of so many Americans who just want Terri to die and get it over with.

Update: The appeals court rejected their request for a hearing. Why did they even bother with the charade of going through the motions.