Getting the abortionists out of the schools

Getting the abortionists out of the schools

Is Planned Parenthood teaching your kids in school? They might be, and they would be teaching sex education. But pro-life groups are getting organized to have them thrown out.

Their fundamental argument is that Planned Parenthood has a financial and political interest in not teaching kids to avoid sex, but rather has an incentive to ensure that they are sexually active. After all, you wouldn’t send McDonald’s into schools to teach kids about proper nutrition because you just know they’ll tell that eating Happy Meals everyday is just fine. The same with Planned Parenthood.

“There are school districts in the country that have contracts with Planned Parenthood,” said Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, a pro-life organization that opposes Planned Parenthood being allowed to teach America’s children about sex. “They’re the nation’s number one abortion profiteer. Why on earth would they want to lower teen pregnancy?”

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is back for its third straight year of blasphemous “holiday” greeting cards that proclaim “Choice on Earth.”

“By replacing ‘peace’ with ‘choice,’ or more accurately, ‘killing the innocent on earth,’ Planned Parenthood is essentially saying ‘abortion on earth,’” Sedlak said. “This blatant mockery of Christian values – and of Christ Himself – truly demonstrates the bigoted, anti-religion, anti-God nature of Planned Parenthood.”

  • Our Lady of Fatima said something about souls falling into hell like snowflakes because there was no one to pray for them.  How ironic that Planned Parenthood uses snowflakes on their perverse greetings cards. 

  • I learned from Father Frank Pavone’s show on EWTN how PP is now in the lucrative textbook and curriculum business now…people have the right to inquire if their school uses these texts and advise them that PP is being sued for providing abortions to underage children.