Gee, I’m surprised

Gee, I’m surprised

Why am I not surprised that the leader of the Boston Priests Forum comes down firmly on the side of John Kerry and even calls him a “devout Catholic?”

“I think that would a kind of challenge that I don’t expect the Church will make,” said Rev. Robert W. Bullock, who leads a parish outside Boston and is president of the Boston Priests Forum. “The fact is that Kerry is a devout Catholic and he does espouse positions that are contrary to the Vatican. And I think it would tend to estrange Catholics if he was forbidden communion.”

For more on this CBS News article, including the writer’s inability to write clearly and accurately (e.g. “cannon law” and “tenants” of the Catholic faith), see Phil Lawler’s comments.

  • Democrat strategists: “Let’s see. What are some key issues for Catholic voters? Abortion, no Bush is on the right side of that one and it would tick off our liberal base. Gay-rights, ditto. Aha!!! The death penalty, Bush is on the wrong side and it will sit well with our base. Run with it!!”

  • I don’t understand why Kerry hasn’t come to the logical conclusion that EVERY child aborted is innocent – now THAT’s an imperfect system.

  • I love (sic) that phrase—“he does espouse positions that are contrary to the Vatican,” as if the Vatican were some external force foreign to the church.