Gay radicals threaten Italian bishop

Gay radicals threaten Italian bishop

I sometimes get emails or attempted comments from angry folks who ask me why I spend so much time exposing the radical homosexual agenda. Their most common “explanation” is that I’m secretly a self-hating homosexual, but which they mean to intimidate me by making me “afraid” of becoming that which I most “fear.” Nonsense, of course.

The reason I write about it is because homosexual activism is a dangerous ideology both within and outside the Church, an ideology which requires that everyone bow in obeisance and make libations or suffer the consequences.

In Italy right now, the consequences come with death threats and blasphemies.


Homosexual activists mailed a bullet to the office of Genoese Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco Friday, in the latest threat against the senior church official over his opposition to same-sex civil unions.

Police bodyguards were assigned to protect Archbishop Bagnasco several weeks ago, after threatening graffiti appeared on his cathedral and other buildings across the city. “Death to Bagnaso” and “Shame on you, Bagnasco” were spray painted, along with insults against Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Camillo Ruini, previous head of the bishops conference.

Pornographic images of the Virgin Mary portrayed as a bisexual were left in pamphlets in the cathedral at the end of the Easter Vigil Mass, Catholic News Agency reported April 11.

According to a Herald Tribune report, a local newspaper said a photo of the archbishop accompanied the bullet, with a swastika scratched into the image.

It’s not “tolerance” they want, but your whole-hearted devotion to their pet sinful behaviors.

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  • Every time the gay activists do these kind of things they only further confirm that homosexuality is indeed “disordered” as the Church teaches.

  • “It’s not “tolerance” they want, but your whole-hearted devotion to their pet sinful behaviors.”

    Well put.  The violent and hateful reactions of the homosexual community are frightening.  At some deep level they must know that they are chosing sinful perversions.  Whatever happened to shame?  I guess, if we can’t can be judgmental, then there is no shame.