Gay marriage in Massachusetts

Gay marriage in Massachusetts

As we all know, we now have gay marriage in Massachusetts as of today. I have pledged not to watch any local TV news the next couple of days just so that I don’t have to watch the gushing portrayals by reporters about lesbians shopping for white wedding dresses and gay men pledging their eternal troth. What you won’t see are the bizarro homosexuals, the leather-clad, everywhere-pierced perversions that will inevitably appear for their licenses. Instead the media will give us only the buttoned-down gay and lesbian couples who look “normal” and fit in at your neighborhood association meeting or the PTA.

  • It is apparant that there is a split among the Roman Catholic bishops in the United States on the underlying question of abortion. There are some-perhaps there are many-who do not believe that abortion is the unjustified taking of an innocent human life.

    If these dissenting bishops were honest, and spoke plainly, they would provoke a crisis as the question of whether or not THEY were in communion with the Holy See would arise.

    But their actions speak forcefully about where they really stand.

  • Why do men become priests when they don’t believe in what the Church teaches?

  • When the MA SJC first made their ruling I was as outraged as anyone. But know even though I am still outraged, I feel helpless. What can I do? I can pray. I can write my representative(a lot of good that did). I can stand up for truth amoung my family and friends. But I don’t know what else to do. It is sickening to see the institution of marriage come to this, but I agree with Dom, heterosexual marriage has been going downhill ever since contraception became widely used. We did not stand up against contraception, and now it may be too late. Marriage as an institution in this country may be dead.

  • I agree, Dan Jasmin. This really portends the end of marriage as we know it – as a generalized social institution (unless the red states can reverse it).  This is a call to Christians everywhere to be the salt of the earth and the light shining on a hill.  We will have to set the example with our marriages, and the raising of our children.  We will have to be like those who lived in Corinth and in Rome…

  • Incredibly harmful and unloving messages your children will now learn in the Sodomy State:

    1) Children do not need, nor are entitled to, a mother and a father;
    2) Any sexual act, including those involving the feces of others, is exactly the same in meaning and purpose as any other;
    3) Marriage has nothing to do with opposite sexes;
    4) Any attempt to draw distinctions regarding marriage will now be a moral wrong (punishable, probably, by the government);
    5) You’re a fundamentalist if you think God has something to say about marriage;
    6) Your Christian church is bigoted and hateful, and so is Christianity.

  • “The bishops.. And we’re back Mon, 17 May 2004 07:28:03 -0500

    Obviously, I made it back. Thanks to the several of you who took half-jesting hint and made donations via the Paypal link to the right. I appreciate all donations because it helps me pay for the cost of keeping the site online and for the cost of my time. Blogging at the rate I do takes up many hours, hours which I could be spending writing articles that pay. I’m not saying blogging is a burden-reading Archbishop John Vlazny’s statement on Catholics and politics and I’m finding more to which I object. In addition to what I’ve already written about, there’s more to question here.

    He says, “As a pastor, I find it difficult to make a public judgment that any person is ‘unfit’ or ‘unworthy’ for the reception of the sacrament.” Really? Because that’s your job you know. It’s all that “what is bound on earth is bound in heaven” stuff that Jesus was telling the apostles. Oh, and the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts has already told you that it’s the priest’s responsibility to determine who should receive the Eucharist. So whether it’s difficult or not, it’s your job, Your Excellency.


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    The bishops and priests have the obligation and duty by their vocation to protect the Sacraments from public profanation. They, especially, must guard and protect the Lord Himself, really present in the Eucharist from public profanation and sacrilige.

    The bishop’s remark concerning artificial birth control. It is the same answer that the retired bishop of Worcester gave to a father and his son who asked that bishop—Good to hear you stand for life, but what about contraception? His response was—-well we don’t get too excited over that since no person is involved.—-

    No person!  What about the Supreme Person? Is He not involved?  What about the souls of the persons who are practicing conntraception. Is not their salvation at stake in committing this serious sin? 

    My goodness, there are three persons involved.  Evidently, the bishops belief in the spiritual life and life hereafter is in question.

  • Rather than destroying it head-on as they were attempting in the 70’s—they have succeeeded in the end by destroying it from within.

    They still are social and moral anarchists—they just adopted new tactics.

  • “Rather than destroying it head-on as they were attempting in the 70ve up on homosexuality – studiously ignoring the issue while the culture and the Church became extraordinarily queerized, and thousands of boys were molested by priests.  Now they’ll studiously ignore teaching the truth of the sacrament of marriage.  Our kids’ computers spout XXX pornography (including all sorts of perversion), 1/2 of all kids today don’t believe parents need to be married to have children, many kids now don’t believe kids need a mother and father, sex means, for them, pleasuring ones sexual organs by any means possible, and now marriage is well, whatever…  In my parish, you know how many times the priest has addressed any of these issues?  ZERO.  (And time devoted to discussing the pederasty scandal – 70 seconds.)  The Church leadership is contriving a massive betrayal of my children.  The priests around here either don’t really believe in Catholic morality – or they are too afraid to teach it.  Either way, kids lose and lose bigtime.

  • That is a good question. I keep tossing around different ideas in an effort to comprehend where they think the vow of obedience went.