Gay marriage blooms around the world

Gay marriage blooms around the world

Marriage is an institution under fire. Just as the feminists saw motherhood as a threat to their agenda and thus pushed for abortion, so too do homosexuals see marriage between one man and one woman as a threat to their continued inroads toward acceptance in society.

The liberals and socialists in Canada and Spain are clearly playing into their hands as well, despite massive protests by a majority of the people. Canada’s lower House of Parliament passed the controversial bill creating same-sex marriage on Tuesday and Spain’s lower house passed a similar law today. They will join the Netherlands, Belgium, and Massachusetts as the only jurisdictions where gay marriage has been conjured into being.

This despite a massive rally of more than 1 million people in Madrid earlier this month against the idea. That’s 1 million out of 40 million people. If we were to have a rally representing a similar proportion of the population in the US, it would be 7.5 million people. Could you imagine 7.5 million people gathering for a rally in Washington, DC, and Congress passing a bill in opposition to that? It would never happen. (Och, I say that now, but I should never underestimate politicians.)

And that 1 million was only those who went to Madrid. There were other rallies in other cities and there were all the people opposed to gay marriage who never made it to a rally.

At least in the US, we still have some degree of democracy, such that many states have passed constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage, preventing activist state courts from imposing it on them. If only the poor Canadians, Spaniards, Dutch (and Massachusetts citizens) had the same protection.

  • I guess those million people should be “happy” they weren’t arrested for the hate crime of disagreeing with homosexual so-called marriage.

  • Hello Cathy,

    Give them time.

    Canada has at least one case pending against a Catholic priest for “hate speech.” 

  • To Richard and Cathy,

    Make no mistake.  The pink socialism of the homosexual “rights” movement is totalitarian in nature.  What is happening in Canada with hate crimes prosecution toward those such as the Church who dare to disagree with the “tolerant” homosexual movement is already starting to happen here.  It’s only a matter of time before we Americans have to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak.  In other words, the “diversity” radicals and the homosexual “marriage” crowd are going to try to make Christianity into a thought crime worthy of prosecution.

    I suggest we re-familiarize ourselves with the lives of the early Christian martyrs as well as those martyrs of the more recent 20th century.  Persecution at the hands of the diversity and homosexual crowd is coming.