Gasping for breath

Gasping for breath

They’re back. Voice of the Faithful is desparate to be noticed and to be taken seriously. The fact is that they are on the decline, they are shedding members and will soon be back to the same old core that joined Call to Action and all the other liberal pressure groups.

Trying to take advantage of the media coverage of the John Jay report, this op-ed in the Boston Globe makes the same old baseless claims: That power in the Church is what’s important, and that if women and married people were in charge, none of this would have happened. Oh really?

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  • ” ‘We are beyond the point at which the hierarchy has the credibility to get the church back on the right track. Only the people can do that.’

    Dr. James Muller, chairman of Voice of the Faithful, and Charles Kenney are coauthors of “Keep the Faith, Change the Church.” “

    (I forgot how to italicise)

    Anyway, it’s interesting how protestant their thinking is.  I’m astounded to learn that only people can get the Church back on track.  Not God, certainly, not His Holy Spirit, not the Chair of Peter, not the Bishops who serve with him…

    I was amused, as well that these coauthers separate “Faith” from “the Church”.  Last I knew, Faith came through the Church, the Church is the vessel through whcih all graces of our Faith flow.  Silly me to think that “Church” and “Faith” might be one in the same thing?

    Dom, you are dead on. They are frustrated that they do not have the power to make doctrine.  Isn’t this called rebellion?  Adam and Eve didn’t want to live by God’s laws and decided THEY were the creaters of the “truth” that they wanted to live-and look where we are today.  Truth is truth, it’s too bad that VOTF is unable (or unwilling) to choose it.