Gas prices

Gas prices

I just filled up my tank with gas. I had to fill out a loan application, get a credit check, and promise to name my first child “Citgo.”

It’s the first time I’ve ever paid more than $40 for a tank of gas (inside the US). Yet every pump had a car filling up and so did the other two gas stations right around it.

We’re trying to cut down on driving, but sometimes you have to go out and do errands. People need gas.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • How much is it there?

    Much though I’m not a fan of our govenor, she did challenge the gas companies in our state and so far they have stayed at the $2.99 mark.

    I’m still not used to paying twice what I did a few years ago to fill my car.

  • As the maternal grandmother, I consulted with the maternal grandfather, and we respectfully point out the potential problems in naming the child citgo…..

    “happy birthday, dear citgo”  doesn’t roll off the tongue easily….finding a patron saint for baptism is problematic, playmates might mistake it for “sit – go” which is contradictory.

    On the other hand, it might help explain evening gassiness and colic…

    from the Mama_nerd

  • LOL!  Kudos to Mama_nerd!

    Legislative, where do you live?

    It’s $2.99 in Akron, OH, which means it costs over $80 to gas up the pick-up. 

  • I just told my grandmother that I will stay at the parish on my day off for two out of the four weeks of the year.  I can’t afford to drive 110 miles every week so I can go home for my day off.  And I don’t get a raise until my fifth year after ordination ($8.00 a month).  I know, I didn’t become a priest for the money.