Francisco, Diego, Monica, Antonio?

Francisco, Diego, Monica, Antonio?

The cast of the Spanish-language version of “Friends”? No. Those could be the new names of San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Monica, and San Antonio.

A group of law professors are saying that now that secular activists have been successful in removing creches and monuments from public property and crosses from city seals, the next target is likely to be cities named after saints and other religious icons.

The whole Southwest and California will have to be renamed. Goodbye San Francisco, so long Los Angeles, no more San Antonio. Corpus Christi is right out.

The ACLU says that’s just ridiculous, that if they were to bring a lawsuit they’d be laughed out of court. Yes, but people said the same thing about challenging the Pledge of Allegiance, city seals, even gay marriage. It’s coming.

So what will be the new names. i have a perfect set picked out for SF and LA: Sodom and Gomorrah.

Oops, those are from the Bible, too. Back to the drawing board.

  • This has happened before.  St. Petersburg became Petrograd for a while before it became Leningrad.

  • Corpus Christi is right out.

    Not necessarily, Dom o’ mine. They could just name it “Corpus.”

    Or “Body.”

    Yeah, “Body, Texas. Voted the All-American City of 2003.”

    Seems to fit.

  • OTOH, it is interesting that these city names still do (with good reason and even in a foreign language) resonate. 

    Remember a few years back (okay, more years than I can recall), when the DoD wanted to name a nuclear sub or battleship, “Corpus Christi”?  The Navy said it was just honoring the city, as it had many other cities and states (i.e., the Arizona, the Maine, etc.)  There was a big outcry from the Pax Christi types and Catholic lefties, and while I don’t count myself among the pacifists, I think they had a point.  Those words mean something, and it is something very sacred, and they don’t belong as the name of a warship.  And even tho’ those words had been lent to designate a place, they never lost their true meaning. 

    I forget how that spat turned out, but the fact that the meaning of these city names never simply vanishes lends some credence to the notion that some time, somewhere, the bastard offspring of Michael Newdow are hatching a new avenue of legal attack.

  • I think they got around it by naming it “The Corpus Christi”…or at least that was a leading proposal at the time….and you’re right…they did have a point….sometimes they still do…rarely…but it happens……now if only we can get them to pour blood over the files at an abortion clinic…..

  • It’s time for Christians to fight for and claim their basic Constitutional rights.  Abandon that fight, and we’ll lose those rights.

  • They named the submarine “The City of Corpus Christi” (SSN-705), commissioned in 1981. Ironically, it was part of the “Los Angeles” class of attack submarines. Nobody seemed to mind that the whole class was named after a city named after Our Lady, Queen of the Angels. Or that others of the subs were named after the cities named after St. Francis (San Francisco), St. John (San Juan), or the Holy Faith (Santa Fe).