Fr. Neuhaus in Rome

Fr. Neuhaus in Rome

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus of First Things is in Rome, analyzing for EWTN, and has been posting a Rome Diary. He has some interesting observations, including some young Belgian liberals actually campaigning for Cardinal Godfried Danneels. He also offers his top papabile, among them Ratzinger, Dias, and Hummes. And he says that he thinks that the socalled “progressives” have no serious candidate and are “out of gas.” Interesting.

  • Like Fr. Neuhaus, I found the “long bench” remark interesting.  We must remember the cardinals have spent a lot of quality time together, and there is much that is going on between them that we know nothing about.  The Church is, after all, a mystery.

  • Boy is he a beautiful writer.

    I always trust what he says because he seems to be honest and wise.

    Thank God for the good priests we have and thank God for the internet so that we are able to know them.