Fr. Minkler suicide?

Fr. Minkler suicide?

It’s still not official, but the Troy Record got the local coroner to declare that the death of Fr. John Minkler in February was a suicide. However, there’s still no official cause of death statement from his office and the district attorney said he wasn’t aware of any autopsy results. For it to take almost two months (not three as the newspaper says; they need to bone up on their math) to come up with even this is highly unusual. This is all still very strange.

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  • Ian, I don’t think it was a betrayal by attorney John Aretakis.  The Archdiocese of New York was required by the court to do a document dump after there was a finding they had withheld documents (any surprise there?)  This dump included the “anonymous” accusation against Bp Hubbard.

    There was no way to anticipate that Hubbard would haul in Fr Minkler to sign that absurd declaration.

    The betrayal here is by Cardinal O’Connor who did nothing but apparently pass a copy of the letter back to Hubbard.