Fr. Fessio profiled

Fr. Fessio profiled

The British left-leaning Catholic newspaper, The Tablet, profiles Fr. Joseph Fessioe on the way.

Interesting that the author of the piece is Gerald Renner, co-author with Jason Berry of the Scandal-related book Vows of Silence, the two of them being the most vocal journalistic bloodhounds on the case of the Legion of Christ and Fr. Maciel Marcial. I don’t think there’s a connection; it’s just interesting that he’s writing this profile for the British newspaper.

  • I recall a “fossil” type here in the San Francisco Bay Area referring to Fr. Fessio as the most powerful Catholic in America and that was six or seven years ago.

  • I saw the in depth interview of Fr. Fessio with Fr. Mitch Pacwa on EWTN.  It may escape many but Fr. Fessio studied under then Bishop Ratzinger for a number of years.  They are apparently kindred souls, both brilliant and Fr. Fessio still gathers with the other Ratzinger students at an annual conference in Munich, I believe.  Archbishop Levada, by contrast, was younger, and may not have been the same caliber theologian.  Fessio worked with Ratzinger for a time before translating much of the excellent theology which until then was not available in the US.  This was the initiation of Ignatius Press.  Also, Fessio got sole rights to the works of the future Holy Father. 

    I don’t think it is hyperbole at all to call him a powerful figure to this Pontiff—perhaps one of the most powerful in the US.  He clearly has a special mission but we don’t know what that is.

    —Mon Dieu, Je Vais Faire Toute Mes Actions Pour L’Amour De Vous!

  • In the realm of ideas, it’s quite fair to say Fr. Fessio is one of the most powerful people in the Church in America.

    I broaden the category from ‘men’ to ‘people’ because Mother Angelica, when she was in good health, was another.

    But of course, power is not important, unless one is speaking of the power to advance the mission of Christ and His Church.

  • “Do you think that might be a bit of hyperbole?”

    Fr. Fessio would be the first to say so, I think.

    Buthe has his critics.  To listen to a couple of periodic posters at Amy’s over the last few months, you’d think Fessio was Satan incarnate.

    Of course, these folks also seem to think everything is just hunky dory with the Society of Jesus.

    Anyhow, it might be fair to say Fessio is Pope Benedict’s closest American friend.  But that’s not the same thing as saying he’s the powerful cleric in America.

  • Father Fessio has a lot going for him, but I hearc that there have been problems with Ave Maria University.