For the children

For the children

I find it interesting that you hear so much lately, especially from politicians, that everything is being done “for the children,” yet these same people are often the same ones clamoring for the “right” to an abortion. And while they claim to be “for the children,” what they are not “for” is the family, stripping families of their right to educate and raise their children as befits their moral code and the dictates that benefit society.

I think many of these people are not so much “for the children” as they are for their own power over the children, thus creating new dependents who will lap up their social engineering baloney and be formed in their own images.

  • Right on Dom.  I was just thinking the same thing.

    And it doesn’t stop with Abortion.

    UNICEF says:  “Every Child is all Child”.

    DSS in MA continues with this thinking.

    They believe that OUR children are actually THEIR children, and we are just STEWARDS of the children.

    Just look at the ABUSES by DSS.  They can get a order to take OUR children, without our even knowing so.

    DSS’s website states:  if we find that a child has been injured, appears to be at any risk of being hurt or is not being cared for, we take action to protect that child.

    Check out [url=][/url] for more.  Here’s a quote:

    They clearly stated 100 children have died from abuse in Massachusetts in the past year.  The fact that seventy-nine (79) of these children died while in the custody of the state of Massachusetts remained hidden.  It is not parental abuse upon children but the State of Massachusetts.  DSS reigns unchecked power threw the judicial system unmercifully.  Fueled by an unlimited ability to collected Federal funds, foster care placement, remains paramount while family reunification is disregarded.  The system designed to protect children routinely now abuses them, without fear of prosecution.

    Pray, Pray, Pray.