Fool me once, shame on you…

Fool me once, shame on you…

Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk of Cincinnati has returned to ministry a priest convicted last year of public indecency. He called for forgiveness and chastity. Diogenes notes that “For a Christian, forgiveness is something the injured party freely offers the man who inflicts the injury, not an obligation the injurer exacts from the man he injured.”

Bishops who have in the past and currently make it easy for perverts in collars to have access to our children should not be lecturing us on forgiveness and healing, but should in fact be asking for it for themselves.

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  • You’re right, Mr. Bettinelli.  – – The priesthood is chock full of active homosexual men – many of howm have not the slightest inclination to desist from their deviant activities (and who are not told to do so by the squeakling bishops).  Such men are not fit to be priests, nor to have access in any way to our sons.  In addition, the vast majority of them will never teach authentic Catholic sexual morality to our children – and that is no surprise, for they neither agree with it, practice it nor understand it.  Many will continue to lead children into perverted sex themselves.  THis man may be forgiven by God, IF he is truly repentant; he has no intrinsic right to be a priest, nor to have access to our children.  This is the choice:  either stock the priesthood with homosexual men, and leave by the wayside the possibility that parents will EVER trust priests with their sons again, or de-homosexualize the priesthood.  There is no middle way (though obviously, thousands of homosexual molestations of teenage boys still hasn’t gotten that message through to our leaders).  They care much more for the affirmation of those who practice sexual perversion than the safety (spiritual, physical and emotional) of our children.  ONE WOULD BE A FOOL TO TRUST THESE PEOPLE.