Flickr’s new movie option and a Bella movie

Flickr’s new movie option and a Bella movie

So, this is not merely an excuse to post a video of Isabella, but it’s also an opportunity to mention Flickr’s new video option.

They’re not trying to compete with YouTube, and so limit videos to 90 seconds maximum. They say that they want them to complement the photos, by being like “long” photos. The fact that it (a) keeps down bandwidth usage and (b) means the posting of copyrighted material is less likely doesn’t hurt either.

It’s a simple process to upload the photo. I did it from Flickr’s page since my uploading software needs to be updated. I opened the original move file, which was over 70MB, in QuickTime Player, edited it down to 90 seconds, and saved it in a more condensed format, which took less time to do than it did to write this sentence.

So what do you think?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli