First ultrasound

First ultrasound

We had our first ultrasound the other day during Melanie’s monthly checkup (16 weeks!). Melanie has posted her impressions of the event and the picture from the ultrasound. I can see exactly what it depicts, but I can understand that someone approaching it cold might have difficulty making out the baby. I also realize that other people’s ultrasound pictures may not be as engrossing, so I won’t post it here. smile So if you are interested you can go to Melanie’s blog to see and read about it.

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  • How exciting.  The Steubenville family (of which I am a part ‘98) continues to grow.  May prayers for you both during this special time.  We recently had our second and while sleep would be nice, my daughter received her Christmas gift a bit early but, unlike the other things laying around the house, she loves this gift more and more every day.  Being a dad is the best, you’ll have a blast.

  • “The Steubenville family (of which I am a part ‘98) continues to grow.”

    Is Catholic blogger Steve Skojec also part of the Steubenville family? His wife just had a baby smile

    A woman I work with showed us her baby’s u/s today, she’s about as far along as Melanie. I was wondering if people might offer some prayers for my co-worker if you think of it – she is married, but her husband isn’t acting like much of an excited husband/father these days. If anyone thinks to say a prayer for an increase in marital/family stability – which our culture seems to be in dire need of – that would be wonderful.

    Best to all smile