Fighting terror by disarmament

Fighting terror by disarmament

I guess my kudos for Cardinal Renato Martino last week was premature. At the time I praised him for recognizing that the war against terrorism is the “Fourth World War.” I assumed that he meant that we should actually fight that war. But it looks like he meant we should surrender.

The cardinal told an Italian magazine that we should fight terror by …. disarming ourselves! Right, because terrorists are reasonable people who, when confronted by innocent unarmed people, put down their own weapons and start giving out hugs.

He says, “To respond to terrorism and violence with another form of violence begins a perverse spiral.” Not always. If we kill or imprison all of today’s terrorists and cut off funding and support for tomorrow’s, the terrorism stops. If Osama shoots at me, then I shoot at him, killing him, no spiral. It stops right there.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli