Fay of Bridgeport: on financial misconduct and “openly gay relationship”

Fay of Bridgeport: on financial misconduct and “openly gay relationship”

The local newspaper in Stamford, Connecticut, has not dropped the story of Father Michael Jude Fay, removed from his parish after allegations of financial misconduct with parish funds, as well as some very serious personal matters. (See previous blog entries: 1, 2, 3, 4)

In one story last Monday, the Stamford Advocate reported that Fay was not the first priest of the Bridgeport diocese removed from a parish after hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone missing from parish coffers. In 1996, Msgr. Charles Stubbs resigned as pastor of St. Mary’s in Greenwich, citing health problems. He was made an assistant at another parish seven months later by then-Bishop Edward Egan, but was removed two months after that when Stubbs was accused of and the admitted having molested a boy. Yet, people of St. Mary’s said that Stubbs didn’t leave their parish for health problems, but because half a million dollars was missing. They reported it to the diocese, but nothing was ever said to law enforcement authorities. Instead, he was allowed to resign and take up ministry at another parish.

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