Fathers’ (sic) Day

Fathers’ (sic) Day

The Boston Globe decided to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday by flacking for the normalization of two gay men playacting at family. This is the “Coupling” column written by David Valdes Greenwood, which I’ve blogged about before. Miss Kelly saw this column first and sent me an email with her reactions.

She notes that Greenwood dreams of a day when his adopted daughter “will see her family as the yardstick, not the exception to the rule,” and replies:

Maybe we’ll look back in 10 or 20 years and wonder what all the fuss was about.  Then again, maybe not.  Either way, we’re in for “unintended consequences” in spades. My sense is that only a small percentage of gays (themselves a small minority in the population) want to have families. I don’t know how many gay families there are, but indeed they are the exception to the rule.  Why not just accept that and go with it?  As Eric from Classical Values (himself gay) says, “I liked the old days when it was cool to be gay, but no one worried about aping mainstream society’s institutions, much less claiming them as civil rights.”

There’s a reason that Greenwood’s arrangement is the exception; it’s because it is. We’ve had thousands of years to get it right and we’ve determined that mother-father-children families are the ideal and the norm. You don’t see people running around saying that someday we hope to see divorced-parent families as the yardstick, not the exception. On the other hand, apparently encouraged by the spectacle of lesbian celebrities adopting or artificially inseminating and bearing children without benefit of a husband, heterosexual celebrities, like Halle Berry, are getting in on the act. Won’t be long before we see calls for that to be the yardstick too.

The Globe’s activism

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