Father Altier move confirmed

Father Altier move confirmed

Thanks to everyone who emailed and commented; we now have a better idea of what’s going on with Father Robert Altier of Minneapolis, the very popular orthodox priest who was ordered not to make his homilies available online anymore or to engage in radio ministry. It was announced at Mass at his parish a couple of days ago that Altier is being removed from St. Agnes and will be reassigned as a nursing home chaplain in a suburb of Minneapolis (not outside the archdiocese as was initially reported.)

Hmmm, exiled to a chaplaincy of an out-of-the-way medical facility. That sounds familiar. Hmm, an orthodox priest transferred out of a thriving parish where people flock to hear him preach and out into the hinterlands of the diocese. That sounds familiar too.

As someone notes in the thread below, heterodox priests almost never get disciplined, never mind removed from their posts. The travesty that is St. Joan of Arc parish in the same archdiocese goes on and on, one pastor being allowed to step down and move on while the new pastor does nothing to stop the heresy. (On the parish’s web site right now: “Theologian and author Matthew Fox has a special relationship with the theology of St. Joan of Arc.” No kidding.) Yet someone like Altier, who’s crime apparently is that he vocally disagreed with the implementation of Talking about Touching in the archdiocese gets the full heavy hammer of discipline thrown at him.

Is someone holding something over Archbishop Flynn?

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Domenico Bettinelli