Faith and politics again

Faith and politics again

Those poor pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Catholic politicians. How difficult it is for them to be persecuted by the big, bad Church for their principled stand.

Caron, like L’Italien, was a politician who supported abortion rights. ...

Caron ... was told by her pastor at St. Maria Goretti Church in Lynnfield that she should step down from public roles at the parish because of her political stance on abortion. So, she left. Caron said she saw no other way to remain at peace with her faith and her public life. ... Catholic politicians north of Boston who have followed L’Italien’s church controversy said keeping political views separate from religion is an almost impossible task, especially before elections, when candidates make their positions clear to the public.

Let’s make this short and simple. The claim that there must be a dichotomy between faith and public life is a false one, because this is not about public life.

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  • They don’t realize that their addiction to materialism and its horrible off shoot, POWER, is what really drives their lives, not, to any degree other than it helps them get elected, a relationship with God.

    To conform herself to her church would diminish her POWER and MATERIAL, and we can’t be having that now, will we?