Fabian is coming

Fabian is coming

If you’re inclinced toward tracking hurricanes in the Atlantic (and the new big one called Fabian has me looking), you could do no better than Unisys Corps’ Hurricane/Tropical Weather Tracker. I’ve used this page for several years and it’s always very good. It’s not fancy, but the data is good.

And if you look at the predicted track for Fabian, it’s making a beeline for the mid-Atlantic and northeast coast. I’m always in the mood for a good hurricane, although I feel bad for people who live right on the water and suffer damage.

A couple years ago we were hit by a hurricane (Bonnie, I think) and my friends and I traveled out to Marblehead Neck which juts out into the Atlantic. We climbed up on massive Castle Rock which is on the weather side of the neck. The wind was so fierce, we could lean directly into it. And the waves were so big, they were crashing up against the 15-20 foot seawall and splashing the houses, even though they were at least 40 feet back from the wall. Awesome!

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli