Even NCR is turning against VOTF

Even NCR is turning against VOTF

The end is near for Voice of the Faithful. At least that’s all I can conclude if the National Catholic Reporter is publishing op-eds critical of the group. David Zizik, a Catholic from Boston, criticizes the group for being more divisive than unifying and for bucking and undermining the authority of the bishops appointed to be our shepherds.

If I recall correctly, Zizik was one of the people who wanted to set up an organization of parish pastoral councils. They meant well, but Cardinal Law specifically shot down the idea as creating a secondary leadership structure within the Church. And those people dutifully shelved the idea, even though they didn’t intend to undermine the bishop with their idea. That’s because they are faithful Catholics who follow their bishop, as opposed to the VOTF types.

[Thanks to Jeff Miller for the link.]
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  • Just a FYI:

    Members of the Parish Leadership Forum Planning Committee were: Mary Jo Bane; Maureen Eldredge; Timothy Haley; Gisela Morales-Barreto; Michael Roberto; Anne Marie Rosa; and David W. Zizik.