Europe and the West are not guaranteed

Europe and the West are not guaranteed

David Warren makes a compelling point regarding the de-Christianization of the West that provides a sobering reflection on what it really means that “the gates of hell shall not prevail” against the Church.

Then realize, that Europe did not create Christianity. Christianity created Europe. And will create new Europes, wherever its living seed may fall. Christendom is simply moving—to Africa, to Asia, to the Americas perhaps; to wherever Christ is wanted, and away from where He is not.

Just as North Africa was once a bustling network of Christian dioceses that fell under the Muslim tide, so too could Europe. Nothing in Scripture says that Europe will remain a Christian continent, only that the Church will always survive. And Europe’s fall is not one that was precipitated by an outside force that came in and conquered, but it will be a vast societal suicide perpetrated by a refusal to remain Christian the consequent death by failure to have children.

[Thanks to Kathy Shaidle for the link.]
Written by
Domenico Bettinelli