Eileen McNamara doesn’t let facts get in the way

Eileen McNamara doesn’t let facts get in the way

Boston Globe columnist Eileen McNamara never lets facts or accuracy get in the way of a good rant against the Catholic Church. For example, in her latest column she accuses Archbishop Sean O’Malley of chastising a Westborough priest for “calling efforts to overturn gay marriage an ‘attack’ on his homosexual parishioners.”

Sorry, Eileen, but if you’d taken a moment to peruse your own newspaper’s archives you’d see that the priest and parish are in the Worcester diocese and the bishop responsible was Worcester’s Bishop McManus.

Then she says of Fr. Walter Cuenin: “The popular, progressive pastor in Newton ousted on trumped-up charges of mismanagement.” She speak in incomplete sentences. In any case, her facts are wrong here too. She has no evidence that the charges were “trumped up.” In fact, Cuenin himself has never denied their accuracy and has indeed pledged to pay back the money he took. Or is this like Dan Rather’s accusation that the Bush/National Guard memos were “fake, but accurate”?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli