Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses

Melanie had some thoughts about wedding dresses, after they were brought up in the wedding procession thread. And that combined with some thoughts on women’s clothing in general and so I told her to write up and I’d put it on the blog, so here it is:

Several people have commented on the prevalence of immodest wedding dresses, especially strapless ones. I certainly found that to be a big issue when I went dress shopping. I went to Davidbut there is precious little to choose from that is in my budget and in my size and in my style.

The same holds true, by the way for all womenmuch with clothes. I might try again, though, if I can find a good pattern for a skirt that will actually hit my ankles.

I bought a pair of flannel-lined jeans from LL Bean (actually Dom dresses down to the ground. One wonders what their parents were thinking of or if they had any idea of what First Communion really meant. And if it started at that early age, is it any wonder that wedding dresses have become and Catholics globally. Once this completed sale was brought to our attention, we consulted with a number of our users, including members of the Catholic Church, concerning what course we should take in the future should a similar listing appear on our site. We also consulted with members of other religions about items that might also be highly sacred and inappropriate for sale. As a result of this dialogue, we have concluded that sales of the Eucharist, and similar highly sacred items, are not appropriate on eBay. We have, therefore, broadened our policies and will remove those types of listings should they appear on the site in the future.

  • I am doing an informal poll around Blogs and Message Boards to find out if this was sent to those who cancelled accounts or if the scope was broader than that …

    So … if you received it, what actions did you take PRIOR to receiving it? Thanks …

  • I received the letter this evening. I had cancelled my Ebay account (which never happened as Ebay somehow couldn’t do it!) and wrote to their customer service protesting Ebay’s policies, cancelled my Paypal account and enclosed an email protesting Ebay’s policies, called Ebay’s CEO and left a message of protest, signed 2 different petitions and of course blabbed about this to everyone I knew.

    I’m glad Ebay has conceded. However, until they actually put the Eucharist on their banned items list we ought to maintain pressure.

  • yeah, I love the bit about how they “consulted” with Catholics. As if they weren’t pressured.

  • I’ve written three letters to eBay, cancelled my account, and closed both my PayPal accounts – but no letter for me as yet.  I must say I’m quite put out about that.  What’s a guy gotta do to get a groveling letter of his own?  grin

  • I just got my letter from them. I never had an account with eBay, but sent them several emails.

    other choice bits:

    “As you may know, eBay does not sell items itself.  Rather, we are a global marketplace for sellers and buyers who transact directly with one another.  Each day eBay

    The popularity of such items would seem to be an encouragement of such devotion. And again, the same restrictions do not apply as to the Eucharist.

  • Irony: ever since Dom posted this thread, I’ve been waiting to see if I get an email from eBay.  Just a few minutes ago, one arrived.  It was a confirmation that my account has been closed.  grin

  • I have not received a letter yet, but I only told them twice, once via a TFP (Tradition, Family, Property) website petition, that I would not visit their site until their policy changed.

    Why aren’t they monitoring the sale of items on their site—don’t they have screening methods for determining words that are not acceptable?

  • It is only wrong for people subject to canon law to sell relics. (CIC 1190)

    I don’t see the same level of outrage for the sale of relics as for the Holy Eucharist.  It wasn’t a matter of Ebay being subject to Canon Law for Eucharistic sacrilege but the outrage of their Catholic customer base.

  • I’ve been receiving updats from boycottebay and the sale of relics is still an issue, although the letter from ebay does mention the “Eucharist and other highly sacred objects”, so maybe they include relics?

    It’s natural that there was more outrage over the sale of the Eucharist vice the sale of relics. It’s our Lord Himself.

  • Enough gloating already (not that I don’t enjoy endulging in it myself). Isn’t it time to thank Ebay for their change of heart?

  • Fenian,

    As of this afternoon Ebay has not made any announcement nor posted the Eucharist on their list of banned items.

    I don’t think we should thank them until they put their money where their mouth is.

  • I searched all over eBay in the forums, FAQs, etc. trying to find any ‘official’ word.
    eBay is just trying to pacify the Catholics who stood their ground, and the many non-Catholics who were also appalled at this.

  • P.S.
    If it was Canon Law that you had to take Communion by mouth, this would not happen.
    Just a thought… smile

  • Hooray! I received this letter from Ebay tonight:


    Thank you for writing to eBay with your concerns.

    The Eucharist post will be on the announcement board.

    Thanks again for writing, and thank you for being part of the eBay


    Community Watch Team

  • I’m raising the issue about Ebay again. I’ve been getting a lot of email updates from because Ebay has not followed through its promise to list the Eucharist as a banned item and they have made NO announcement about it.

    They have made plenty of other announcements regarding policy changes since the form letters they sent out to hundreds of protestors.

    So far nothing has changed. We have not seen any more listings for the Eucharist, but Ebay continues to permit the sale of first class relics (which violate their ban on selling human remains). We have reported it to them repeatedly and have received vague, runaround replies and nothing is done about it.

    Folks, I think Ebay is lying. I think they are simply not going to follow through. I think the letters were just a ruse to have us believe that they have changed their policies, but they have put it on paper or made it official.

    We have to keep pressure on them. Let’s not just slip into complacency. We must not allow them a free pass on this!

  • Ooops, I meant to say that they have NOT put their policy changes on paper or made it official!

    I just wrote to their president, and I urge others who care about this to write as well and maintain the pressure.