Dutch priest, French saint, Texas BBQ

Dutch priest, French saint, Texas BBQ

What fun! Fr. Roderick Vonhogen, the Dutch priest behind the Catholic podcast network SQPN was in Austin this weekend for a young adult conference. And today he was to con-celebrate Mass and be the homilist at Melanie’s home parish, St. Louis King of France Parish.

Since we couldn’t be there, I told Melanie’s mom, Pat, about it (and that Fr. Roderick called the choir—which she’s in—excellent) so she met him at Mass and went out with him and a group for breakfast afterward (or lunch, since it was a BBQ place). Pretty cool. I look forward to hearing his impressions in his next Daily Breakfast podcast. Especially what he thought of the Mass at St. Louis, with the dozen altar servers and all the beauty and pageantry possible in a Mass of the Ordinary Use.

My mother-in-law sounded like she had a good time too and was favorably impressed with Father’s homily. Darn, missed opportunities. Living vicariously through my mom-in-law.

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Domenico Bettinelli