Dress code for little girls

Dress code for little girls

Pet peeve time again. This week it’s how young ladies dress at Mass. Today, we had a girl about 13 years old, I guess, who brought up the gifts at Mass, dressed in a sweat suit that had the words “red hot” written across her bottom. What were her parents thinking?

Apart from the fact that such a blatantly sexual display is inappropriate on anyone for Mass, why would you let your little girl be sexualized in such a manner?! Sometimes I just cannot understand what goes on in people’s minds. In three years, they’re going to be wondering why their little girl is no longer innocent and is asking to be put on birth control. Apart from the raging hormones of teenage boys who find the Sears catalog arousing, you have older men, who we are told, are the ones responsible for the vast majority of teen pregnancies. Hello!

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli