Don’t let the door hit you…

Don’t let the door hit you…

Eleven priests have left active ministry, since Bishop Thomas Olmsted became bishop of Phoenix in 2003 and an article in the Arizona Republic says that they were forced out by their bishop. Actually, only four say they were moved from ministry or resigned based on their public support of a pro-homosexual document that was in conflict with the Church’s teaching. According to the newspaper, “Their departures further exacerbate a shortage of priests in the diocese, which has several parish vacancies.”

Let me be clear: I’d rather have one priest per dozen parishes than have 12 priests in those parishes, 11 of whom are heretics. What good does it do to have a priest who rejects the fundamental teachings of the Church in active ministry? That’s like keeping a geography teacher who believes the world is flat just because you need a teacher in that classroom. Yeah, there’s a teacher there but are they going to learn any useful information?

The situation in a parish is much more important because it’s eternal salvation at stake. If bishops actually believe the faith of which they claim to be shepherds, they how could they tolerate any priest or church employee who undermines that faith, teaching error and sin to the people as truth and righteousness? I wish my own bishop, Archbishop Sean O’Malley, adhered to that standard.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli