Dogs playing poker

Dogs playing poker

Right now there’s a white school bus sitting across the street from my house. It’s not your typical bus because on the side it says “Creature Comforts Doggie Day Care.” On each seat on the bus sits a dog, like a child on his way home from school.

How much do you suppose that people pay for this service? Not only are people treating their pets as child-substitutes, they’re even farming off the normal pet owner responsibilities like people are doing for their own kids. When people treat dogs like kids, they’ll treat kids like dogs.

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    With his passing, some sought to blame Pope John Paul II and the Church’s teaching against contraception for the plight of the poor in the world (like all those faithful poor Catholics in Africa, India and China were just being loyal to the Church…at least ONE teaching).

    The doggie day care story highlights the responsibility that those of us in the West are failing to carry.  A vast majority of us are—by any logical standard—very wealthy from a material standpoint.

    I have read that Americans spent $36B on pet care and $80B plus on sports gambling (legal and illegal) in 2004.  Nations of the world spent $1.5 trillion on weapons last year.

    Now some bright secularist in the West may find it trendy and easy to blame the Church for poverty, but one source may be facing us in the mirror each morning as we prepare for the day.

    The Gospel is quite clear of our responsibility to others…