Do the wave

Do the wave

The Archdiocese of Boston is reacting to the flu and cold season with some suggestions. While not outright suspending Communion under both species, the archdiocese is suggesting that anyone with a cold or flu not shake hands during the Sign of Peace of receive the Precious Blood.

You’d think that would be common sense, but common sense seems to be in short supplies these days. There’s not much grosser than someone sneezing into their hand and then offering to shake yours with it a few minutes later. No thanks. How about a nice pat on the arm.

The memo suggests “a nod of the head or a verbal exchange of peace would be gracious and fitting” for those who do not wish to shake hands. It also asks that priests and Eucharistic ministers wash their hands before distributing communion.

Once again, all very sensible precautions that we should be doing anyway. Not an overreaction in any way.

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  • It’s not just AP, but I saw it on Fox News and heard it on the local talk radio station. One of them even said that people with symptoms are being asked not to go to Mass. That’s right, give everybody another reason to stay home. Unbelievable how a simple precaution can become so distorted.

    Just goes to show that most secular newsrooms are so lacking in any understanding of even the majority religion of the US as to get even basic facts wrong.