Divorce, American Style

Divorce, American Style

Bai McFarlane talks with Zoe Romanowsky at Godspy.com about divorce and Catholics. This is no theoretical swim in the theological depths. It is rooted in Bai’s very messy, very public divorce battle with her prominent husband, Bud McFarlane.

If you’re looking for the messy details of their private life, don’t bother to read it. But if you want some very interesting insights into the problems that Divorce, Inc., have presented society; or her prescriptions for how the Church could start to help rather than hinder the saving of marriages; or her take on the lofty and beautiful description of marriage in Church documents that bears little resemblance to what most people experience, then this is the interview for you.

I had heard that most American tribunals won’t even take an annulment petition until after a civil divorce is final, which doesn’t make sense at all. As a child of divorced Catholic parents I can second much of what she’s saying about the whole thing, especially with regard to the effect of divorce on adult children, not just when they’re adolescents or younger.