Did they really do it?!

Did they really do it?!

image Is hell frozen? Are pigs flying? Is it the Last Judgment? Have the Red Sox really won the World Series?

Now that it’s happened, I can hardly believe it. It’s almost anti-climatic, kind of like the 1980 US Olympic hockey team beating Finland for the gold after beating the Soviet Union first. It was the first time any team won 8 straight games over two post-season series to win it all. It was the first time any team won 3 straight, 4 straight, and 4 straight to clinch all three post-season series. The Sox never trailed in any of the World Series games. It wasn’t just a win, but a convincing victory to remove all doubt.

Never again do we have to hear about the stupid curse, Babe Ruth, or 1918. A whole cottage industry of Babe and curse T-shirt and poster manufacturers in New York are now out of business and good riddance to them. The Red Sox have won the World Series.

If you’re not from New England, if you didn’t grow up here, I don’t think you can understand what it means. A few years ago, one fan summed up what it was like being a Sox fan: “They came for my grandfather, they came for my father, and now they’re coming for me.” No more. No more “wait until next year.” This is the year.

This is bigger even than the Patriots winning the Super Bowl and that was big. The Red Sox are so much more in New England, a part of the culture itself, deep in the soil and in the air we breathe. We are Patriots and Bruins fans. We’re even just Celtics fans. But we are Red Sox Nation.

Good job boys! Now wait until that parade on Friday. Local officials are estimating up to 5 million people will take part. To put that in perspective, the largest single gathering of humanity was at World Youth Day in Rome in 2000: that was 5 million people. It’s going to be a big party. Woo hoo!

  • No more exorcists.  No more hunting for submerged pianos.  No more curses.

    And in their place, a World Series Championship!! 



  • Lowe and Behold!!! Like the wandering in the desert and finally reaching the Promised Land. What a beautiful testimony for the Red Sox! Boston has something for which to be proud. Here is a Californian who is very happy for you all.

  • The next voice you hear will be that of the late great baseball legend, George Herman Ruth:


    Hey folks down there….there NEVER was a curse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you…that is all.”

  • Yes Dom, great win – and in such convincing fashion. Damon’s homer in the first served notice of what was coming – no messing around, get it done now!

    Enjoy the party – it is long overdue and you deserve it!

  • Congratulations to the Red Sox from Cardinal Nation.  As the Yankees found out last week, it’s hard to stop a speeding locomotive. 

    The general feeling in St. Louis seems to be that if the Cardinals couldn’t win it all, it’s neat that the Sox could.  I told my wife last night, it’s hard to root against a team that doesn’t give you a reason to dislike them.  They just seem like good guys and poor Boston has suffered enough.

    One more thing:  Now that the curse has been lifted, the least you could do is not inflict your senator on the rest of the country.  Take him back, please.

  • This is a question for everyone.  It is in response to Peter.  Perhaps we can have a fun and light-hearted debate over baseball….

    “Hey folks down there….there NEVER was a curse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    My question (since this is the only way that her eminence, Barb says that I can communicate)


    This is an honest question from an inquiring Yankee fan.


    P.S.  Congratulations on your World Championship…..The Sox were the best team.  You deserve this one.

  • “I told my wife last night, itthe fans that made the trip out here. My son met some “chowd’s” at the ballpark Tuesday night and said they were fun. Well done!

    Dom, I’ll square our wager today at the Poor Clares. The cost of two pints goes to the good Sisters.

  • In the middle of Cubby Country I am almost alone in my joy.  I LOVE MY BOSTON BOYS! Thanks for letting me celebrate here. Everyone out here is like “oh isn’t that nice.” it’s not nice, it’s freakin’ AWESOME! (the only reason I”d come back to Boston is for that parade….*sigh* celebrate big for us, all you Boston dwellers!)

  • Congrads to Boston and their beloved Sox! 

    Don’t feel too be, however when you lose to the Dodgers next year…. ;^)

  • PS (sorry for doubling) One of our catechists said last night that she has heard of the statistic that the candidate in the Presidential race with the winning team usually looses their bid for the Presidency.

    Let it be true, dear God.  Let us have both victories this year!

  • After the last out of the 9th inning, I looked outside to see if there were, in fact, pigs flying…but no!  It was true.  We went down to defeat.  But I congratulate the Sox…they played excellent baseball (minus the early errors from which we could not take advantage).

    They are a team to be proud of, for sure.

  • I looked at the pennant race as beating the Yankees.

    In this last contest, it was all about winning the World Series. What a difference!

    Hats off to those Saint Louis Cardinals…a class act team!

    Update, Dom: I believe Menino has scheduled the parade for Saturday, the route beginning at the Chancery in Brighton.

  • Congrats Dom.
    Last night my father-in-law, the 64 year Red Sox fan (73 yo), drank champagne directly from the bottle.
    Have fun at the celebrations.

  • It’s clear that the best team won.  You don’t come back from an 0-3 hole, take 8 games straight, and sweep the World Series without being very very good.  So the Red Sox deserve all the credit and congratulations.  (And, no, there never was a curse.)

    So congratulations to Red Sox Nation from Yankee Universe.  wink

  • “PS I just wanna know….is Kerry gonna have his own float friday??”

    If he does, he’ll think he’s the Grand Marshal, and that the parade’s really for him.  We in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts haven’t called him Liveshot for nothing, you know.

    “One more thing:  Now that the curse has been lifted, the least you could do is not inflict your senator on the rest of the country.  Take him back, please.”

    Thoughtful, intelligent voters in the PRM (People’s Republic of Massachusetts) have been trying for years, believe me.  But consider:  When the citizens of the PRM re-elect the swimming, manslaughtering senior senator Teddy Kennedy for decades on end…when voters in various congressional districts repeatedly re-elect congresscum that do things like engage in homosexual relations with teenaged congressional aides or allow homosexual prostitution rings to be run out of their apartments apparently without their knowledge, and on and on, you get the picture of how bereft of any guiding moral principals are voters in our humble Commonwealth.

  • Thus passes the Curse.

    How sad. Let us bow our heads and mourn the passing of a venerable Massachusetts tradition … why are you looking at me like that? Aren’t we conservatives here? grin

  • Sorry for the double-post, but I just remembered: today we celebrate Saint Jude…the patron of hopeless and desparate cases! grin

    I for one am grateful that there is a patron saint of my dating life!