Defending disobedience and dissidence

Defending disobedience and dissidence

A parishioner at St. Bernard’s parish in Newton, Mass., writes an op-ed about why his people are occupying the church even though it isn’t closed yet. It’s the usual stuff, blaming the archdiocese, and saying that it’s really a land grab.

The occupation of St. Bernard’s has been conducted with the utmost dignity and respect for this sacred space. These people are not leading a revolution. They are striving to right a wrong committed by a hierarchy which has mismanaged the sexual abuse scandal, the shortage of available priests, and the financial crisis currently facing the Archdiocese of Boston.

Notice how the blame for everything always falls with the bishops. Granted, our bishops have had their serious failings, but what about our own failings? How many parents actively encourage their sons to consider a vocation to the priesthood? When was the last time a majority of parishioners in any parish gave anything even close to a tithe to their parish or diocese?

  • The article says

    Corpus Christi does not have adequate space to accommodate more children in its religious education program, and Our Lady Help of Christians may soon need to install closed circuit televisions and an enhanced sound system if all people are to see and hear the liturgy.

        Reconfiguration has failed in Newton…

    Can anyone confirm that this is true (regarding the lack of space in the combined parishes)?  Not that it would make the vigil right, but it’d be interesting to note if that were really the case.

  • First, the “friends” of St, Bernard’s does not represent all of the people of the parish, but only the few who remain recusant.

    Second, you don’t have to move everyone from St. Bernard’s into just Corpus Christi and OLHC. There are 5 other parishes in Newton and several more in nearby towns. Plenty of room for everybody.

    Third, the atmosphere at OLHC is probably very “attractive” to the liberals of St. Bernard’s (which is why they’ve gone to OLHC) and so many have moved over there that the remainder will fit very easily into the rest of the parishes.

    Finally, since when is a full church a bad thing?