Defending Catholic rights down under

Defending Catholic rights down under

I guess media bias is just the same in Australia: “Pell defends Catholic schools’ right to discriminate” So says the headline on the Australian TV ABC News web site. What it’s really about is the Catholic Church’s right not to be forced to subsidize what it views as immoral. In this case, Catholics being allowed to expel students who violate moral codes, including ones who declare themselves to be unchaste gays or girls who get pregnant, for example. I’m sure unchaste heterosexuals and the boys who are the fathers suffer the same fate.

Some educrats want to force Catholic schools to follow the same anti-discrimination, i.e. forced tolerance for immoral behavior, laws as public schools. But Cardinal Pell has it right: “We have a right to teach our Christian teachings and to follow out the consequences of that,” he said. “Nobody is forced to send their children to Catholic schools. Parents send children to Catholic schools because they know they will get a certain set of values there.” Or at least they should.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli