Deeper problems

Deeper problems

As expected, we’re now getting weepy stories about these poor afflicted brides who don’t know if they’ll be able to get married in a church now. For months, the archdiocese has been saying that no couples will be left out, that they will be working to an opening at nearby church at or near the same date and time they had already arranged. But then, that doesn’t make good copy, does it?

One thing about this story set off my alarm bells, see if it does the same for you:

Just minutes after James Macioce proposed to his beloved in their Marlboro apartment, Maureen Sienkiewicz immediately knew she’d want to be married in the church she came to know as “God’s house.” But the Archdiocese of Boston may have different plans for the Oct. 9 Macioce-Sienkiewicz union as St. Susanna’s Parish of Dedham is one of 60 churches marked for closure.

“We still don’t know the closing date. We’re just waiting and hoping … and crossing our fingers,” said Sienkiewicz, 34, who grew up in Dedham. The churches will start closing in July, with all 60 gone by December, but the archdiocese has not yet said which ones are first. “Having gone to Catholic school and church there every week, there’s a real sense of community in your own church.”

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Domenico Bettinelli