Deal steps down

Deal steps down

Deal Hudson sent out a new e-newsletter tonight announcing that he’s stepping down as publisher of Crisis as of January 1 in order to start up a new project. As is usual with these things, he puts everything in the best possible light and characterizes it as his decision and no one else’s. I wouldn’t expect anything else and that’s his right.

However, in tomorrow’s editions of the two major Washington dailies, as well as an upcoming issue of National Catholic Reporter, we’re going to be getting more of the story. They will report that other accusations of inappropriate behavior with women have been made. They will also report that certain members of the Crisis board have told Deal in no uncertain terms that he needs to step down as publisher.

Again, this is not me saying this. I’m just telling you what I’ve been told the newspapers will be reporting. (I have to say that because some people will accuse me of attacking Deal, which I’m not.)

Update: Here is the Washington Times article.