Deal reveals more

Deal reveals more

I just received Deal Hudson’s latest e-letter, and it’s basically what he wrote in National Review Online, with some notable expansions:

Yesterday, the article was published. In it, they dug up a truly embarrassing event from my past. Ten years ago, I committed a serious sin with an undergraduate student of mine while teaching at Fordham University. For this I am truly and deeply sorry. I have confessed this and asked for forgiveness, my family has worked through it, and time has passed. But I know this is news to you, and so I offer my sincerest apologies. I recognize that I have let countless people down and have brought scandal to myself, my family, and my Faith. For this, I beg your forgiveness.

Some may wonder why I speak of the event in a way that seems vague or abstract. Please don’t mistake this for lack of shame, regret, or repentance. The simple fact is, I can’t say any more about it. Ten years ago, I signed a confidentiality agreement, and so I’m seriously constrained in what I can say. I know this is frustrating for you, and so that’s one more thing I apologize for.

We learn a couple of important things. First, in the NRO piece he identified his shameful episode as “allegations from over a decade ago involving a female student at the college where I then taught.” But now he comes right out and says what it is. He also says that he has confessed his sin, has sought forgiveness, and worked through this with his family.

He doesn’t give any details and so we can’t know that the story the woman in the case presented to NCR is true or not. And that brings up another point: Deal says he signed a confidentiality agreement. Do not such agreements usually apply to all parties in a dispute? Would not this young woman be violating this agreement? Wouldn’t this taint her reliability if she was indeed violating it?

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Domenico Bettinelli