Deal Hudson responds

Deal Hudson responds

A commenter in the post below about the Boston Globe Magazine hit piece on orthodox Catholics points us to this post at HMS blog that contains Deal Hudson’s response to the reporter’s assertions that he doesn’t like Fr. C. John McCloskey. The reporter, Charles Pierce, has really done a ham-handed job of attacking the type of Catholics he doesn’t like.

To read a hilarious, yet devastatingly true, “fisking” of Pierce’s article, read Dale Price’s “priceless” analysis.

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  • Fenwik,

    Consider that “Boston Catholics” overwhelmingly keep voting John Kerry and Ted Kennedy and their clones into office and you’ll understand why.

    The Globe can’t be pressured because the liberal elites love the newspaper too much. And the nouveau riche Irish Catholic businessmen won’t put pressure on the paper because they’re too eager to be accepted by the Brahmins. Really disgusting.

    I don’t things will change until the laity see some backbone coming from the chancery. When the bishop doesn’t even bother to clamp down on heresy among his priests, the laity won’t feel comfortable defending those positions themselves.