Crossing the boundaries

Crossing the boundaries

Diogenes reports today that Fr. Donald Turlick, the priest-psychologist connected to Paul Nolin, the alleged murderer of Jonathan Wessner on Cape Cod in September, allegedly had a homosexual relationship with the convicted child molester while he was in prison and under Turlick’s care. This isn’t news. We already knew that Turlick had allowed Nolin to move into his home after he recommended his release from a sex offender treatment center.

For those keeping score, we are now told that both priests involved in the case allegedly had sexual relationships with the man charged with murder, and who had already been convicted of molesting a child.

Diogenes asks the obvious question: Why didn’t those working with Turlick in the treatment center report the obvious conflict of interest and violation of rules?

Remember to keep telling yourself, “Homosexuality isn’t the problem. It is not a deviant lifestyle. The priesthood is not affected.”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli