Court declares war on marriage

Court declares war on marriage

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court erased any doubts about its extreme liberalism and judicial activism when it ruled today that only full marriage for homosexuals, not civil unions, will live up to its November decision. The oligarchs have decreed it and it must be so! While, in its practical effect on society, civil unions and gay marriage are not different, there is a political difference. Civil unions could conceivably be repealed or altered by legislation someday while the granting of marriage rights cannot. Under the court’s ruling, homosexuals have to be given every right that actual married couples get.

This makes next Wednesday’s constitutional convention even more important and makes it vital that Massachusetts voters call their representatives and let their voices be heard. We don’t want a bunch of unelected activists to decide the shape of our society; it is our inalienable rights that are being trampled here.

  • My only question for the courts is What the Heck kind of drugs are y’all on overstepping your authority and second question is what the heck kind of drugs is the legislature on to let them do it? Did everyone up there in the position of power just go brain-dead? Or who influenced them to let the cat out of the bag so to speak? This is just the start of Sodom and Gomorrah, y’all in power better go re-read the bible and open your eyes because it’s on y’all what will come from this.

  • The reality of it Chris is that was a statistic that was slanted to show that, in a later poll it showed that the majority was against this. But the favorable one received more media attention, as if that surprises anyone.