Couldn’t see this coming

Couldn’t see this coming

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) are hold their chapter meeting in Spain right now, held once every 6 years, and of course the topic of the new Instruction is dominating conversations.

The Third World provincials don’t know why the American and European provincials are making a big fuss. The Europeans think America in general is puritanical. And the Americans are busy convincing the Minister-General that the Instruction is “non-pastoral” and open to “discernment” such that the provinces won’t have to actually implement it and they can continue with the status quo ante.


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  • It must be a regular three-ring circus over there!  I wonder how BXVI is going to react if folks like the Euro and American Jebbies “discern” to disobey him in this?  Perhaps a few good examples will do the trick.

  • If there are not a “few good examples”—and even maybe more than a few if necessary—we are going to have the same ole same ole in the seminaries.  The spin on this document is shaping up badly for the future of the laity’s children.

    I want to see some new discipline put in place to deal swiftly with offenders, whether they be hetero- or homosexual. If the bishops are determined to “interpret” the document there had better be consequences for the first instance of immoral activity!  The spin I’m reading is declaring the grace period to be over by its very determination to snub the Pope.  It’s time for hardball.

    How can the Catholic in the pew in good conscience continue to contribute to the collection plate when there is a real possibility that the money will fund in part more of the kinds of activity we’ve found in the headlines and the courtrooms?  Must the laity become as two-faced where the cash is concerned as Catholic Charities demonstrates it can be? 

    My patience and tolerance with our leaders has expired and I’m fresh out of the motivation to forgive.