Congratulations to Fr. Fessio

Congratulations to Fr. Fessio

Father Joseph Fessio, publisher and founder of Ignatius Press and chancellor of Ave Maria University, took his final vows in the Society of Jesus today after just more than 4 decades in the order. (Jesuits take a long time before they profess final vows.)

His vows were taken in Rome at the Church of the Gesu in the presence of his friends an acquaintances. Sadly, his dissertation supervisor could not attend even though he lives just two miles away. His presence might have been disruptive and would have cause a big crowd to gather.

Congrats, Father.

(On a side note: This is the 5,000th blog entry on this site since I set it up with this software at the end of October, 2002. That doesn’t include the hundreds of posts before then back to July 2001 using my old software. Wow, that’s a lot of writing.)

  • Congrats to Father Fession, and to you, Amico Mio!!!!

    DeColores from you longest contributing member (Sorry, Kelly Clark, I have you by 40 days!!!)!

  • What a great day for Fr. Fessio and for the Church!  Someday his order will cheer too.