Conflict of interest

Conflict of interest

The chief justice of the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court is under fire for ethics violations. Margaret Marshall spoke at a fundraiser for a gay/lesbian lawyers’ group in 1999 and praised gay friendly legislation.

That’s a no-no. Speaking at a fundraiser is bad enough, but then she takes a position on gay issues and doesn’t recuse herself from the gay marriage case. That’s a clear conflict of interest. Of course, it’s no surprise to anyone who’s been following the path of gay marriage in the courts. In fact, conflicts of interest don’t seem to apply to liberal judges. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recused himself from the Pledge of Allegiance case because he once spoke out in favor of keeping “under God” in the Pledge. But Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks to a pro-abortion group and even has an award named after her by them, and she won’t recuse herself from abortion-related cases.

I wonder when the people will realize we don’t live in a democracy anymore, but a judicial oligarchy.