Commonweal notices us

Commonweal notices us

Commonweal has deigned to notice St. Blog’s. As expected, they didn’t like much of what they see, although some garnered priase. Of course, I would be worried if I was being praised by Commonweal. Oh, and Jeff Miller: I think all of your lines hit the mark. Remember that liberals don’t have a sense of humor.

I would go on at length dissecting the article, but I will defer to the master and let you read what Diogenes has to say about it.

(P.S. I’m miffed I didn’t get a mention. Am I not vituperative enough? I must work harder at that. Now if only I knew what that meant.)

  • Equally ironic is the fact that the Holy Father asked that media professionals be helped to express their “enormous” possibilities in the promotion of human and family values. (source Zenit)

    Certainly Eileen would not reject help from a faithful Catholic, who is following the request of the Holy Father, eh?

  • Catholic blogs were noticed a long time ago by conservative publications. Mark Shea wrote an article in Crisis more than a year ago and Tim Drake wrote an article in National Catholic Register at least as long ago.

  • A friend who can’t post from work sent the following:

    It’s too bad the very Catholic gay person wasn’t reading at the Mass yesterday.  The reading was from Isaiah 1: 10,16-20 and it began; “Hear the Word of the Lord, princes of Sodom!  Listen to the instruction of our God, people of Gomorrah!  Wash yourselves clean……”

    A day late and a reading short.