Colombian archbishop faces arrest over gay seminarian

Colombian archbishop faces arrest over gay seminarian

A warrant for the arrest of a Colombian archbishop has been temporarily suspended by a court in that country. A warrant for Archbishop Fabio Betancourt Tirado of Manizales had been issued because of his refusal to comply with a lawsuit over his dismissal of a homosexual seminarian.

The former seminarian accused Archbishop Betancourt of discriminating against him over his homosexual activity while he was in seminary—he is now enrolled in a Protestant seminary. The archbishop declined to explain to the court why he dismissed the seminarian.

The fact that the guy is now in a Protestant seminary tells me that he’s not suited for Catholic seminary in any case, homosexual or not. But the fact that the archbishop faces legal penalties tells us how far homosexual activism has spread even into formerly staunchly Catholic countries like Colombia.

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  • This would be laughable if it weren’t so sick.  We’re talking about a country that can’t even protect its judges and politicians from execution by drug cartels.

    Throughout the West, no measure is spared, I guess, when it comes to making the world safe for sodomy.

  • We look at atrocities in history like slavery and genocides, and the West thinks we’ve left that kind of wickedness behind us in less “enlightened” times.

    We’re dead wrong.

    A new persecution is coming.  Who will remain faithful?